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The EIRA study is a collaboration project between rheumatology units in the southern and middle parts of Sweden and Karolinska Institutet (The institute of environmental medicine and The rheumatology unit, Institute of medicine, Karolinska university hospital).


EIRA is also a part of an international network with studies on environment and genes regarding arthritis. The study is an important part of an extensive EU project, which is in progress during 2006-2011, where especially groups from England (Manchester) and Holland (Leiden) are active affiliates. In addition, we have established a collaboration with Broad and Whitehead Institutes for Genetics (Harvard Medical School and Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US regarding genetic analyses which are needed to evaluate the influence of environmental factors among different groups of individuals.



Markers showing our affiliates in Boston, Manchester, Leiden, Kuala Lumpor and Singapore.




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